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CONGRATZ B}TITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Super stupid. You should go there anyways and pretend you got aid. They will be all like "but we didn't give you aid", and you would say "Oh, but I got aid. DW about it, just teach me".

In all honesty titi, if you want to go to Cornell, then I would recommend taking out a student loan and doing it. Even if you have something ridiculous like 100k in debt after you're done University, you'll be a graduate from Cornell. I would bet that you could very easily pay off that debt in 2-3 years after being done. As well, there are TONS of placing you can get scholarships that will help ease that a little bit (not nearly all of it, but every little bit helps).
Keep cubin'!
There are no federal loans available to international students.
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Sounds racist.
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(05-08-2012, 10:22 PM)titi Wrote: There are no federal loans available to international students.

* Noobicus adopts titi

* titi prepares his laptop for some intense AC lan parties
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i know it's not the same thing, but have you considered staying in Portugal and then trying an exchange program?
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Yes, if i stay in portugal i'll most likely try the Erasmus program. But, if i remember correctly, it is ony for a duration of 6 months and it's only in european countries.
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You won't take a non-ivy league university here? D:
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A non-ivy league gets you the first step in the door I'd think.

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