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Application extended to CharlyMurphie: [Accepted]
Congrats Charly!
You be in!
I dont really have much to say besides, keep up the good work!

You should be able to see our private forums and such, tell me if you cannot. Within those forums, I point your attention to the member bios section. Please write up a bio (doesn't have to be long) and give me a couple of your favorite songs (if you wish) so I can update our member page Smile

Evanzo, same applies to you Wink
(06-14-2011, 11:57 AM)Verse Wrote: ScreenShots were not taken for these matches. I was having to much fun!

First round, CharlieMurphy's choice.
Mode: HTF
Map: AC_Sunset
CharlieMurphy drew first blood and a score after which I responded with one kill and the subsequent score. CharlieMurphy then surged ahead with 6 unanswered flags. At the ten minute mark I had nearly caught up with the score being CharlieMurphy-12 Verse-10. Then Charlie Murphy just took off! with another 6 flags to my one. At this point I was reeling from the blows he was giving me left and right. But at the 8 minute mark I began to warm up. Charlie stopped scoring so often and I began to regain ground. By the 5 minute mark I had surged ahead CharlieMurphy-20 Verse-22. We had a some guests pop in and join us a bit, and CharlieMurphy without hesitation:
CharlyMurphie says: 'i lwoop on em\'
Because of the guests he did not get full credit for a score giving him a score of 19 Wink . CharlyMurphie did keep close the rest of the match tieing up the game with one minute remaining CharlyMurphie-24* Verse-24.
: Game status: hunt the flag on ac_sunset, game finished, private, 2 clients
: cn name             team flag  score frag death tk ping role    host
:  0 B}Verse          CLA    26    257   17    20  0   62 admin  
:  1 CharlyMurphie    RVSF   24*   323   20    18  0   62 normal  
: Team  CLA:  1 players,   17 frags,   26 flags
: Team RVSF:  1 players,   20 frags,   24 flags
*ajusted to add the flag CharlyMurphie should've had but was taken by a "Guest"
CharlyMurphie I was satisfied with your performance. Your ability with the carabine is well known and you showed that you could handled it well. The fact that you took off in the beginning showed that you are able to plan ahead and maintain a lead well. Sadly for you though the “Verse effect” took over. I was able to come from behind and win the game.

Second round, My Choice
Mode: TKTF AC_Aquious
Time is running short for me but I’ll right up a short review of our next match. My usuall mode and choice for testing our applicants. No only did CharlyMurphie score first but he kept that score close to mine for quite awhile. Then again the “Verse effect” hit and I took over winning with large lead.
: Game status: keep the flag on ac_aqueous, game finished, private, 2 clients
: cn name             flag  score frag death ping role    host
:  0 B}Verse            21    407   13     8   65 admin  
:  1 CharlyMurphie       7    126    8    13   61 normal
CharlyMurphie, I had to adapt a lot during the course of this game. You played it very well. You attempted the same trick that Droid had tried and won with (going into the sewers). I’ve learned from that mistake though and had a better solution to combat that strategy. When I finally found my groove and began to increase my lead I made some observations that I really liked. You pursued me with vigor, indeed sometimes I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get away from you. Several times you used this method to cease my incessant scoring. You were also hard to track. With past applicants I’ve found that I could keep track of many of their movements just by listening. With you that “radar” didn’t work so well. I liked your ability to be stealthy. Stealth is one of my favorite things to do and liked that you had a good grasp of it.

Concluding thoughts
Overall you did very well compared with some people that I've tested. That combined with your good atitude make this a great match.
Those were great matches. I forgot about the whoop em part LOL. I never was a big fan of KTF until. I am gonna keep practicing and maybe I can make it a little more competitive

Thank ya's very much for letting me become a bodyguard. I am very proud and honored. I know I still have much to learn and look forward to getting to know all of ya's even better. This is an awesome experience so far and a long road ahead:D
40 seconds in:
[Image: 942178_10202211084025654_201418072_n.jpg]

Congrats Charly. Very excited to have you in this clan!

[Image: AK7ba.png]

Congrats Charly. One of the few carb pros out there. Smile
Thx Orynge I look forward to playing with you guys in the futureSmile
Tell Chubby I said hey, unless I see him 1st, ahh just tell him any wayTongue
Charly and I did our 1v1!

ac_sunset HTF (his choice)
close throughout. I made a rally to tie it up late, then he jumped ahead and took off.

ac_douze TOSOK(my choice, obviously)
Super close throughout. I jumped ahead late, tried to waste some time, ended up getting a late kill to save me.

ac_elevation team survivor(his map, my mode.)
He had a slight lead throughout. I again rallied, tied it up, took a one frag lead. Then Charly switched weapons each spawn, and was crushing me. My aim was clearly less cool than his. Cool
All three games were realllyyy close. Great games charly.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

(06-14-2011, 06:31 PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Evanzo, same applies to you Wink

Eh... just kick me from IRC until I give it to you! :D
(06-16-2011, 03:26 AM)evanzo23 Wrote:
(06-14-2011, 06:31 PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Evanzo, same applies to you Wink

Eh... just kick me from IRC until I give it to you! :D

We'll still get our 1v1. No worries Huh Iv'e seen ya in the pubs and u be rockingSmile

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