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Full Version: Peace out o/
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I'll keep this brief.
Starting tomorrow I'll be gone for... a while... so if I don't see you today, well, it's been nice knowing you all, you've been good to me both during and after my time as a B}ro, and I appreciate that.
If you ever need me, well, I have given certain members (*cough*cough* XRD & titi *cough*cough*) methods of communicating with me outside of the forums and IRC, so ask them. Wink

Lest this be the last time:

Keep on rocking.

Have fun doing whatever it is that you are off to do Smile
Have a good time. I know you will, college was so much fun.


Added just for this post yes. Also, I have a feeling Noobi would like it. I want to find a new graphic for it though.
Hahaha thanks RR and XRD.
XRD - college. Wink
Yes, you should add that to the collection of super exclusive elite B} smilies. Wink

Good luck and have fun!
There was a guy from Harvard in my flight. Actually, two guys and a girl from Serbia. Students everywhere.

Have fun mate, say hi once in a while, I'll try to do the same Wink
Haha you and me tiago Smile

The world is becoming younger, yet it feels like we're becoming older.

What a paradox.
Ah ShadoFlameZ have a great time learning what the universe has to offer. May it find you eager to fill your mind with it's intricacies, and leave full of awe.
Have fun. :D
1st year of uni ftw.
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