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Full Version: MC server
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[Image: mcbanner.png]

Please see http://xrd.me/Minecraft/ if interested.
count me in
(06-18-2013, 01:36 AM)titi Wrote: [ -> ]count me in

You can stay at my place until you get settled titi. Wink

[Image: kjFxyzI.jpg]
Prime griefing material.
Back in the days when I used to play minecraft, I tried a C++ implementation of minecraft's server. Is this still a thing ?
Please private message me your mc names and review http://xrd.me/Minecraft/ if you haven't already (It's helpful!)

Because just joining won't let you do anything, you have to have perms Tongue
Apparently there used to be other implementations of the server, but not too many survive today.
lel add me i will be pro canadian boomber
Y'All better hurry before I get all the diamonds. I just found 10 more! WOOT!

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