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Full Version: Foxy-Grim (aka D3M0NW0LF)'s app: [Accepted]
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Hey hey guys! Glad I'm finally able to post my app (thanks XRD for the invite, I owe you one) and to you guys for showing a great deal of interest in having me! :D

Now to the actual app:

What is your playing style like?

I'm more of a rusher, though I can also be a pretty solid defender/cover man. When I'm not in the mood for mowing down people with the MTP-57, I like to pick up the AD-81 and sit back, relax, and get some nice, warm, cozy headshots. If I'm not in teamspeak/skype to chat vocally with other teammates, I'll communicate through voicecoms. If you're needing help and I'm nearby, v11. If I'm on the other side of the map and you need cover, I'll respond with v12, because I can't make it in time to defend/help you. Though I may not be the best fragger, I am however one for diversions and quick, rapid responses. But when I can frag, oh boy, you'd better start running <3. I preffer a good game of ctf or tdm, considering it's more challenging than tosok will ever be (and I've grown bored of it, over played it I suppose). But I'll also play every other mode there is. I just enjoy ac all around honestly (minus the rotten apples I seem to come across all the time in pubs). My faveorite map... god that's hard considering i have quite a few. My fave(s) are probably ac_desert3, ac_desert, ac_werk, ac_depot, and ac_shine. Though I do enjoy ac_mines, and the other official maps <3.

But because of my gameplay style, I've quickly become one of the better fraggers and even hold 2 AssaultCube World records, both which are headshot related! 26 in one round, and 4 in a row (though I've recently beaten my current best with 29). Outside of serious competition, I like to sit back in a few pubs, and hang out on the pepsi/rootbeer servers, where you'll find me pwning people on custom maps, or trying to get that record time on a gema.

What clans have you previously been in, and why did you leave?

I've been in quite a few for my 3 year career. It all started with |IRON|.

In order: |IRON|, UCA~ (basicly |IRON| renamed and revamped), |FmC|, .45|, {TBR}, and [SODA].

|IRON| was transitioned into UCA~ By !r0nS@ld!3r, and I was somewhat his wingman at the time. I left due to disagreements between myself and other members, which I found to be very stressful, and not beneficial for me in any matter what so ever.

Now for |FmC|, I joined as your sligthly above average noob. Though I sucked terribly, I showed dramatic improvement in a short time span, catching @Ppl3's eye. Thus I was invited. I left due to inactivity, and the clan started dying off. By the end I became leader to a 3 man clan, which wasn't worth the trouble of keeping alive considering the last 2 members wouldn't be active enough.

I then apped for .45| . A wonderful clan none the less, and I enjoyed my stay, and before I knew it, I wound up finding myself in the position of co-leadersihp. But when the rivalry between .rC| and .45| started because .rC| was 'stealing' our members, this lead to some serious heated discussions (though we didn't have enough from the striker accusations from TyD). When I began talking to rC| members, trying to befriend them, the leaders did not approve. This started another heated fight but between myself and the leaders. I left due to the disagreements and how nasty things were starting to get, since I didn't ant anything else to do with the bitter rivalry.

{TBR}, oh how I regret even considering this 'clan', if you may say so. Not only was it inactive, but extremely dissapointing. No one wanted to play matches, and when I wanted to do something, the members were either offline, or doing something on their own with no thought about me. Thus I left this miserable junk heap.

I shortly joined [SODA] right afterwards, seeing there was an extended offer from [SODA]___ME___ to join. I quickly took up on it knowing I'd progress further in my mapping skills (which I have and never regretted <3). I had a very good run with [SODA], but the only downside was the fact I was the only competitive member. About 3 weeks ago there was a fight between myself, and {TBR}BHO + [SODA]ctt. In my nature ofc, I wanted to enforce the guidelines that [SODA]___ME___ had set down, but
because of BHO's troll like personality, he decided to keep holding admin (despite me being rational enough to explain to him it was against the agreement). This wouldn't be the first time it'd happen, but it definetly was the last. I quickly told [SODA]___ME___ that I was done with the attacks I was getting from the guys, and resigned my spot (and handed the forums I created over). [SODA]___ME___ understood and respected my decision.

SO yeah, I floated around for another week until X-Ray_Dog called me on skype. We talked for a while and before you know it, he asked why I left [SODA].

Thus is how I've managed to become interested in joining B}, and how I'm finally here today, writing this app. :3

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Well I've prety much given you almost everything to know about myself ingame, other than the fact I've become more interested in mapping, and even have a beta concept map on the ac-akimbo website. Though I also have one on the way, which I'm pouring
everything I've learnt into making! Outside of assaultcube I'm a shy, carefree person whom is asperers, and is cursed with ADHD (that might be why I have quick reflexes in ac, haha <3). I love to crack jokes, and enjoy many laughs. But I'm also a very artistic person if you can call me that. About half the day I'll be sitting right here, on my computer making some sort of graphical mod for asasultcube, or a personal logo for myself, etc (though I do take the time to draw nice traditional drawings on
paper with a nice pencil <3). I'm currently a freshman in college, going for my Online Associates for the Arts of Information Techonology (I wanna be a computer geek, tee hee). Outside of that still, I'm a furry (By dictionary definition, not like what the general public sees! >_<), and I happen to admire wolves. Though I also love many other kinds of breeds, such as foxes and huskies. Though I can be a little short tempered, I try my absolute best to resolve something without bursting and/or getting into an argument (I could just walk away to isolate myself to calm down, or listen to some music to help keep me calm). But you shouldn't have too much trouble communicating with me. :3

What are your favorite songs?

I enjoy a lot of genres, and often times find myself finding songs way better than I could've imagined, then turn around to find even better songs later on! But here are some prime examples of what I enjoy listening to:

Puddle of Mudd ~ Stressed Out (Steve Tushar Remix)

Brian & Buckethead ~ Ready To Die (wanting 2 die)

Disturbed ~ Crucified

The Outlaws ~ Ghost Riders In The Sky

Sorry for the long app... ^^;
Very sexy and well written. Good luck!
Random pub with d-wolf

Inter; Rikmare vs. Thrawnwolf

HTF ac_mines

CTF ac_outpost

CTF ac_village
Good luck!
Yeeeeee buddy gl (although I think you'll do okay)
Nice read, best of luck.
Thanks to everyone for your warm welcomes! :3

Lol those matches were intense nighty, but I promise I'll have victory next time <3
Hey, GL! Smile
(05-24-2013, 11:47 PM)applecake Wrote: [ -> ]Hey, GL! Smile

Ty applecake! :D
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