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Full Version: Hi!
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Hi there, I'm Stairway2Heaven, you probably have seen me somewhere in pubs. I have been playing for 2-3 years (I reached 1st position in TyD ladder once), but later, after a big hiatus, I'm back lol

As you may have noticed, I love this song, although I enjoy rock in every way possible.

See you, happy fragging!
YO, Stairway, I'm glad you found your way here man. You kicked ass yesterday in those games BTW. Welcome to our forums BROWink
Do you like Avenged Sevenfold and/or Coheed & Cambria?
Hi there! :-)
Hey, welcome to the forums!
I think I've seen you in a pub before. Possibly.
Heyo hope to see you around and I'm jealous of your 1st position on TyD ladder, closest i got to 1st in a month was 14th
Well, well, well.
Surprised none of us picked up on the classic rock theme Wink