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Full Version: Mutsketeer
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Full server info can be found: http://xrd.me/Servers/Mutsketeer/

Heyo, I recently purchased a vps and have had my time enjoying setting up my AC servers on it. After some good runs and testing of everything, I have decided to launch a match server and with a little help from RR, it is now hitreg fixed. So yes, a new match server! If we can get some games in and let me know how this baby handles I'd love to know. All demos are available instantly from the link above. For the lazy, connect via: xrd.me 4000 match

The server is US hosted with great ping (To myself anyways Tongue) so update me on what ping you get. Thanks!
Nice! I got 116, which is great. I should also be able to get a little lower, since this was in our living room. Smile
Nice XRD. Im pinging mid 60's. Thx manBig Grin
Return of the awesome server names :D
I was getting 380-400ping. :/

I'll try again later.
The hosting service is having an issue with their network this morning, give it an hour. Sorry bout that.
Finally A US server xD
~260, pretty good.
~105 Nice ping for the US