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Full Version: Ory.... again
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Ack. Hopefully this is the last time I'll be doing this on the B} site.

Anyway, I'm Orynge, aka Ory.
I'm a leader of Exile Unit.
I started playing AC in October, 2009.
Started playing Multiplayer in January, 2010.
I like cheese melted on toast.
I play suicidally in pubs.
I suck at 1v1's.
I spend too much time on IRC/Forums.
Unlike Halo, I think the white bits on the site actually look like snow.
I'm a pro (and have clocked 75 hours) in Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City/City Folk.

Baiz and cya round.
Heh, sorry Ory.
Too bad you cannot use the marquee anymore :'( If you really want, I could grab your original post. I have all the posts in mysql form right now.

Nevermind, I was just mucking around. Tongue

animal crossing ftw
* thinks about starting to play that again *
i still do :D
Supposedly that was a good game.
'Tis a shame I never really got into it.
What system is it for?
Gamecube DS or Wii?
Wii :D

Do you have goldeney 007?

In my opinion it's a lot more fun than blackops.
I haz GE Wii
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