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Full Version: So.....
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Well. It's been a while. What's everyone up to?
look who it is. sup buddy
Again? xD
I'm not playing, I want to know all the gos that I have missed.
Sup Hunts. Still waiting for 1.2 and stuff.
But I know for a fact that the devs are working really hard on it, so yay.
(02-28-2013, 09:34 PM)Huntsman Wrote: [ -> ]I have missed.

That you have and many as well Wink
I may have missed a little more Tongue

For those who aren't aware, *Cough Razta Cough* I'm back into playing AC.

Hi again <3
Look over there!
*stamps B} logo onto your hand*
Oops...you're gonna have to apply to us now, that stamp is permanent.
I require soup! :D
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