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Full Version: its been a while since i've been here
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hello fellas how y'all doing Smile

im kinda getting back to AC, so i thought it would nice to visit some friends.
i guess i need no introdution to most of you Tongue but there are something you dont know Tongue

I'm a 21 y/o dude from Brazil who doesn't appreciate samba or its country soccer, even though i support Corinthians here but i'm not one of the most fanatics xD the other team i am a fan is Manchester United. And i play chess too just fyi i was the high school champion \o/

my favorite food is any food that isn't strogonoff or that has fish
my favorite bands are :

- Linkin Park
- Otep
- Rammstein
- Metallica
- Papa Roach
- Mamonas assassinas
- Green Day

and few others ....

i'm also a student of computer science ^^ last year yay

beside AC, i play DoTA2 and was starting to play CS:GO too but i dont see much fun there.

so hi again Smile
Hey mate. How's it going?

I also like Otep & Green Day :D
Hey, kaz. It's good to see you around! Yay for new life around here! Smile
kaz <3
Greetings, from someone who doesn't know you, but who also recently returned to AC Smile (well, months ago, but still)
Hello there, nice to see you here! :D
Looking forward to seeing you around.
Hello kaz! Nice to see you on our forums!
Welcome round Smile
thank you guys for the welcoming ^^
i'm good btw

and Otep is da shit, new album coming soon, in fact it is on 01/22/2013 HYDRA Tongue

this is only for you Thrawn, my name is Richard,22 , im a brazilian boy who started playing AC in sept,2007 and i've been playing 'til last year so i lost interest in this game. I have played for many clans including the dead U| and |NR|, the one i loved most. I also played for w00p, TyD,M|A and few other great clans that died , last year me and Shield were running our own clan( Aftershock Gaming ) with some amazing people but some of them got tired and left the clan and we couldnt handle that so we closed my most succesful clan Tongue then i stoped playing the game xD

now i guess i should come back coz i feel like i owe this game and community for giving amazing games and the opportunity to meet amazing friends, in this clan i can say i have at least 3 ( applecake, Zarj and Shadzz ) ^^
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