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Full Version: Hello there :)
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Hey guys my in game nick is VectorM12 although some people don't believe me and keep claiming that this is not my real nickname don't know why though. Anyway, I love AC and I enjoy playing it with all sorts of different people especially with really good players like most of the people from this clan are. I've been playing AC for just under a year and I met some of you ingame or on irc. I mostly play on ladders, my favourite weapon is carbine. I hate AR but unfortunately AR is the best weapon for matches and for certain maps so I use it as needed. SMG and SR are good too. Shotgun is for fun only Smile. My teamwork isn't that great but I'm working on it and I try to learn from other people. My favourite maps are ac_gothic, ac_depot, ac_shine and ac_vietnamwar.

I've really enjoyed playing with B}applecake recently, and he was the one who suggested me to make an introduction at the forum. Keep kubin' :D. God bless you.
Carbine will be less underpowered next release. Smile
Inb4 carbine OP.
Then we can all blame nightmare.
Welcome Smile
Howdy Pahtnah!
Hey there! Nice to see that you made a post! I was really impressed by your carbine skills yesterday, maybe we can play some more another day. :-)
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Hey there, welcome to our forums.
Hey, heyo! Welcome to the B} forums. Hopefully I'll be able to have some nice conversations with you soon! Smile