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19:59 <ShadowFlameZ> go make an intro naab

So yeah, hey :D

I'm not good with words, so I'll keep this short. my IGN is vanquish, and I'm from the woop clan in AC. I also play sauerbraten, for which I play for .aG*, my former AC clan. I've played AC since October 2011, and sauer for about three weeks.

Not really sure what else to say, except hi, bye, and all the best :D

Cyaz :*
In you lives the oldest clan in AC, IIRC.
Shoop that w00p, man.
Hi and welcome to these forums!
Wow hi everyone. XD

You all seem very friendly, this is nice! Hopefully I'll see you all in AC/irc/ts :D
yoyo hi hi welcomeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hi Vanquish, welcome to the B} forums.
Hey, welcome! Smile
Holah, welcome.
Ahoy, sir! Welcome to the B} forums :D
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