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Full Version: Server Quality
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Many people are noticing the servers bombing.

This post will be short and have two parts.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?
For Verse:
I have wondered if the RAM is getting overloaded, is this it? What about the bandwidth?

(mainly for) Verse and (but to a lesser extent) Others, thoughts on the hosting?
Well Ronald_Reagan, I can't answer specifically to whether we are running out of ram, or out of bandwidth. I'll try and get the specs and post them here, but if I remember right, we have at least 1gb of RAM.

To test things, we might want to start from scratch using nearly unmodified config files.

This is the third server source I've tried, and the second with this issue. I would be happy if someone here would like to setup an AC server on my server. I would close down some of the AC servers for now, and maybe reassign their jobs.
Gonna say that I highly doubt it is a RAM issue. When I was running the U| Canada Servers back in the day, I think the Windows 2000 machine they were running on had something like 256 MB and I never ran into any issues. They would stay online for months at a time without crashing.
Just for reference as to where kicks were happening, a few occurred at about 15:30 ET today
Exactly what I needed, was this on Bold or?
It was on our ladder sever, Free (I am pretty sure it was)
Another Server explosion around 4:58 ET
B}Free lagged out at around 9:15pm EST.
Our ladder server exploded at 5:11 pm my time. (GMT 0 or +1, not sure)
Ok, recompiled.

Tell me if we get any more explosions.

Meaning gogogogogo, play some games and test.
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