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Full Version: unarmed enjoying his flight
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some unarmed was flying around on B}Free on ctf ac_ingress at about 7:10 P.M. EST. His IP is I vote banned him from the server.
Mar 8 18:19:17 cosmicred AssaultCube[ferric.tk#26283]: demo written to file "demos/07free_CTF_ac_ingress_2012.03.08_1819_1mr.dmo" (842538 bytes)

So, the file name is 07free_CTF_ac_ingress_2012.03.08_1819_1mr.dmo

If you really want, link:

Make sure to DL and re-upload before the 7 days are up (for BL proof). As ferric will delete the demo within a weeks time.
I have problems downloading demos for some reason. They never work for me.