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Full Version: Good Luck, Frogs!
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Yaaa whoo we got two members in the aG 3v3 tourney!

I decided I got tired of whining so I'd make this tread to guilt trip \:D

GO PWN DEM PROS! (erm Noobs I mean)
And they put us as backups without asking! Trollface


Bracket name = <3

Good job aG Smile
Go for it boiiz!
What tourney? I missed it. Sad
(01-22-2012, 05:23 PM)Noobicus Wrote: [ -> ]What tourney? I missed it. Sad

Oh, I totally missed it. B}Noobicus is sad.
evanzo, round 2 is up. We play aG....who is twice as tough as Sj at least.
you okay for 5pm any weekday? I got a funny strategy ready though. :3
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