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Full Version: Balanced Cuber or Vanilla Fragger?
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Nice Smile
afaik there are already some awards in the works noobicus :D. we would love to collaborate though. you should talk with slackie about how you did this, i'm sure he may be interested in an automated way to accomplish it. lol at gib to suicide % animal1ty (aka Wolf) causing some serious damage. great job!

When I look at the MS, the European BoB servers are the only ones that have someone in them. Tongue
(12-06-2011, 06:05 PM)Verse Wrote: [ -> ]THIS IS AMAZGINK!!!!

Oh, you made my heart so VERY HAPPY!

I love these break outs!


(12-06-2011, 02:40 PM)Nightmare Wrote: [ -> ]Verse will have a field day when he sees this.

Called it.

This is really neat, d00d. Awesome stuff! I hope you had as much fun putting this all together as I did reading it.
(12-06-2011, 02:53 PM)evanzo23 Wrote: [ -> ]Agreed! This is terrific, Noobicus! It's great to see the difference in numbers around here, and I wish I would have made the cutoff with TheCrema.

Congratulations B}evanzo23. You are now the only cuber in the BoB ladder top 100 with more than 5% in Headshots, Gibs, Splats and slashes.

NameReg Frag %Gib %HS %Splat %Knife %

I love this by the way. These are really cool.
Wooooooooo! :D

* evanzo23 throws a party
evan #1.
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