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Full Version: [outdated] Server Admin Guidelines
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Do not share your admin passwords, although it is usually possible to tell who you are by the ip you use, if it comes down to it the password is only known by you, Verse and Ronald_Reagan. Please don't make us remove your admin privileges because someone else abused your privilege.

Kicking and Banning

Whenever possible please warn players before kicking them. If a player reconnects and continues to ignore what has been told him, ban him. At this point if you think the player is being hostile and belligerent please let us know so we can consider blacklisting them. Before I forget I must add that just because you warned someone once last week doesn't mean you don't have to warn them again today. Always be up front.

Please use your admin to block votes that seem unjust, or warrant further investigation. If the person is indeed guilty (lagging etc.) warn them. You are responsible to warn them before you kick them, even if they were the subject of a previous vote to kick.

Although I dislike how harshly cheaters are treated in AssaultCube, I have to agree that there is ZERO tolerance for cheating. You may summarily ban and report them. Be sure to gather evidence: demo, clientlogs, partial ip, screeshots, etc. They can appeal, but they must understand the severity of cheating.

Just for the record I don't consider camping itself a reason for kicking (it is a valid tactic that requires the opponent to be creative). Except for occasions where it interferes with game play e.g. someone hiding in TOSOK, SURV etc. making a set within the match last forever!

The following is not exhaustive.
Valid reason for Banning (No warning needed just: /ban x <reason>)
Repeat offence after kicking

Valid reasons for kicking (Please warn first)
Hindering game play after being warned not to (camping in a well etc.)
High Ping/Lag

Admin Abuse

You may use your Admin to block certain map/modes, but please do this with care. If people complain, I will investigate. If I find that you have been using your admin to, only play one mode, force map/mode to your preference (drop admin to vote those), only play one map, summarily stop a current game by voting another map/mode, fix teams, or otherwise hinder play, your admin will be subject to revocation.

If I find that there has been admin abuse your admin is subject to revocation. Admins are provided to people individually not to clans or groups and are revoked based upon personal actions.

I consider revocation of admin to be a temporary condition based on the perceived severity of your offence. Unless very severe it will not be permanent.

If you need to use admin, use it, and drop it. We would prefer if you dont keep your name in red while playing.

If you have issues with anything in this admin guideline, please let me know so that we may discus your concerns.

[EDIT 9/11/2011] Added policy about passwords. Changed some language to make it more realistic to admin.
[EDIT 9/26/2011] Added on paragraph. Added "Valid reason for Banning" and "Valid reason for Kicking". Added section on admin abuse.
As these servers are no longer running, I am unsticking this post. If you want to find current guidelines for Ronald_Reagan owned servers, you may look here: http://dvorak.pbclan.tk/about