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Full Version: Hies :D
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Hi guys, I'm Andrez! What's up?

Cya ingame/IRC! Trollface
Holah Andrez! Nice to see ya on here!
AC/DC forever man :D
heyo andrez!
* Verse extends clean hand for friendly handshake.
Welcome to our humble clan.
So I know if I'm playing with in AC, what nick names do you use?
AC/DC|Andrez I believe is his main name in game Smile
Heyo Andrez! Nice to see you around here Smile
Andrez: The Italian Cuber.
offtopic: verse, your signature is f*cking awesome :D
(07-21-2011, 09:22 AM)Kakarrot Wrote: [ -> ]offtopic: verse, your signature is f*cking awesome :D

On another note hello Andrez and welcome to the forums.:D
dunno how i missed this, but.............+ 1 postWink