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Full Version: i also <3 B} (ello thar)
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well ello thar Trollface
my name is Kakarrot and like this here clan u got here
ill be trolling,wait no, not trolling, talking on the irc xD
i hope to get to know u who i havent ment yet
signing out

p.s. epic troll face Trollface
Heyo Kakarrot. :D
Are you trying to get into B} or just making an account here? :D
Oh boy...
You're kidding me right?
Me and RR were jamming with him last night
im just here to hang out with you guys :D

i beat Rr in osok

Screenie here

he went by DEATH_ADDER for some reason that game

edit: you changed the trollface you jerk :'(
Because me and Verse were joking about the DEATH LADDER, and the typo making it DEATH ADDER.

Aye, I didn't think you would post it as I was goofing off Wink
Just ask verse, he almost got sick.
It was a very close game anyhow.
sry bout the ss
it was (even though you were going easy :O)
I wasn't going easy when I was really playing Wink
It was a good game.
Lol I'm getting mixed signals.
im confused
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