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Full Version: [outdated] About the servers.
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Currently there is 4 servers, publicly accessible, ran by B}. They are on one VPS owned by B}Verse.

B}Alert is a 14 slot server with mostly custom maps and couple official maps thrown in. You can find its maprot Here. It may be a slight bit out of date sometimes.
/connect ferric.tk

B}Bold is a 10 slot match server with the default map-rotation.
/connect ferric.tk 1492

B}Dauntless is a 6 slot match server with the default map-rotation.
/connect ferric.tk 1927

B}Free is a 12 slot server with mostly official and well known maps with a few custom maps.
/connect ferric.tk

The admins of these three servers is the B} clan those listed here. You may contact the admins in the "Other" forum.

There are also two servers for clan use only. They are also on the VPS owned by B}Verse.

B}Creative is our special server, with intermittent availability.

B}Olympic [Retired]
B}Olympic is a 12 slot tournament server server with the default map-rotation.
1) What are the connect codes for Creative/Olympic?
2) Not sure if you guys can/and do delete uploaded maps from bold, etc. But Waffles and I have been working on a map on Bold so don't kill off uploaded maps. <3
Wont do, clan connects are in the clan forums.
The only American servers where I get a decent ping. ^^
Haven't been able to get on the servers today.
(08-20-2011, 05:09 PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: [ -> ]fixed.

Ah, I had the same problem, but this morning, but I figured that my computer went crazy. Sometimes, if I leave the computer is on too long, the ethernet adapter requires me to kill all power to it for about 2 seconds.
Outdated and unstuck. Some other B} run server information can be found here: http://dvorak.pbclan.tk/