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Full Version: Application extended to CharlyMurphie: [Accepted]
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(06-08-2011, 09:08 AM)Nightmare Wrote: [ -> ]Not to ruin the surprise, but Verse enjoys torturing applicants by playing KTF...Very frustrating!

I know you were in jest, and I know I took your words out of context, but I have to go on record and say that I don't like or want to torture anyone.

At this point I think that it really doens't have to be a secret. Every new member has experience my 1v1 KTF. I should mention that Droid defeated me on this, so I'm not undefeated.
When I return expect defeat #2 :D
I wanna play some games with ya's . My timing sux ATM. I forgot to take screen shots of some games we have played as a group. I am still as dedicated as ever though. The B} in front of your names looks sexy, and hope to have it, honer, respect, and brag about it in front of mineTongue

(Thanks again for considering)V63
My god you're just laying down the sweet talk on us eh?
Well it works for me!
I sense an f1 in your future...
[Image: 353386u.jpg] LOL !!Got Chapstick!!
Get on more! 24/7!!

If we get on at the same time, before your app is decided on, what I do to apps is force them to play my bad maps 1v1 against me.
one game there, and yeah Wink
ScreenShots were not taken for these matches. I was having to much fun!

First round, CharlieMurphy's choice.
Mode: HTF
Map: AC_Sunset
CharlieMurphy drew first blood and a score after which I responded with one kill and the subsequent score. CharlieMurphy then surged ahead with 6 unanswered flags. At the ten minute mark I had nearly caught up with the score being CharlieMurphy-12 Verse-10. Then Charlie Murphy just took off! with another 6 flags to my one. At this point I was reeling from the blows he was giving me left and right. But at the 8 minute mark I began to warm up. Charlie stopped scoring so often and I began to regain ground. By the 5 minute mark I had surged ahead CharlieMurphy-20 Verse-22. We had a some guests pop in and join us a bit, and CharlieMurphy without hesitation:
CharlyMurphie says: 'i lwoop on em\'
Because of the guests he did not get full credit for a score giving him a score of 19 ;) . CharlyMurphie did keep close the rest of the match tieing up the game with one minute remaining CharlyMurphie-24* Verse-24.
: Game status: hunt the flag on ac_sunset, game finished, private, 2 clients
: cn name             team flag  score frag death tk ping role    host
:  0 B}Verse          CLA    26    257   17    20  0   62 admin  
:  1 CharlyMurphie    RVSF   24*   323   20    18  0   62 normal  
: Team  CLA:  1 players,   17 frags,   26 flags
: Team RVSF:  1 players,   20 frags,   24 flags
*ajusted to add the flag CharlyMurphie should've had but was taken by a "Guest"
CharlyMurphie I was satisfied with your performance. Your ability with the carabine is well known and you showed that you could handled it well. The fact that you took off in the beginning showed that you are able to plan ahead and maintain a lead well. Sadly for you though the “Verse effect” took over. I was able to come from behind and win the game.

Second round, My Choice
Mode: TKTF AC_Aquious
Time is running short for me but I’ll right up a short review of our next match. My usuall mode and choice for testing our applicants. No only did CharlyMurphie score first but he kept that score close to mine for quite awhile. Then again the “Verse effect” hit and I took over winning with large lead.
: Game status: keep the flag on ac_aqueous, game finished, private, 2 clients
: cn name             flag  score frag death ping role    host
:  0 B}Verse            21    407   13     8   65 admin  
:  1 CharlyMurphie       7    126    8    13   61 normal
CharlyMurphie, I had to adapt a lot during the course of this game. You played it very well. You attempted the same trick that Droid had tried and won with (going into the sewers). I’ve learned from that mistake though and had a better solution to combat that strategy. When I finally found my groove and began to increase my lead I made some observations that I really liked. You pursued me with vigor, indeed sometimes I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get away from you. Several times you used this method to cease my incessant scoring. You were also hard to track. With past applicants I’ve found that I could keep track of many of their movements just by listening. With you that “radar” didn’t work so well. I liked your ability to be stealthy. Stealth is one of my favorite things to do and liked that you had a good grasp of it.

Concluding thoughts
Overall you did very well compared with some people that I've tested. That combined with your good atitude make this a great match.
21-7 against Verse on TKTF aqueous?
Great job, Charly!!! A lot better than what I did. Verse had like 28 halfway in against me. xD
"No only did CharlyMurphie score first but he kept that score close to mine for quite awhile."

I'm a little confused
Verse said he had 20 flags on sunset then some guests came in, then he had 19?
eh wot?
and also, you said you both tied.....
lol i'm a bit confused Tongue
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