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Full Version: Came across Theo
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Had some great games today with Theo, just decided to hop on to play for a little and happened to come across him. Sadly was being harrased by my dog so had to leave but looking forward to whoever else i run into in game.



Since why not, i'll be graduating at the end of this December with a degree in finance and one in economics so looking forward to being done with school and can move on to greater things!
Cool! Keep Cubin'! I need to find time to play some games again
woohoo! people are alive! awesome stuff
Congrats on graduating soon KillShock! College is fun, but working and making $$$ while single is up there too. Wink

Hope to catch you and other B}s in game. I will likely be on more around the holiday break.
Almost there KillShock! Good luck on the job market, I'm sure you'll do just fine. And GG's, good to see some B}'s in ACtion.