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Full Version: Gamepad Support
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Hey all,

Working on gamepad support for AC (who knows if it will get merged into a release).


If you want to check it out go ahead. I know most people here don't know how to compile AC. So if you are looking for a binary go ahead and ask and I'll poke around and see what I can do (obviously a mac/linux binary would be easiest for me to make)
I got laughed at years ago in a game Cnc Renegade for even just asking the question. It is tough for me to play with a gamepad(thumb surgery), but I think it is a cool, VERY COOL, concept. A friend of mine is always trying to map all his games on Xbox one with mouse and keyboard, your's seems a bit more intricate. KUDOS MATE
Now I need to wrestle my PC game pad back from my nubs.

When I find it I will try compiling and test it. Cool stuff!
Yeah, this is no where close to usable, but its entertaining to play with!
Would you say it's almost as usable as a touchpad? Wink
I'm not sure, perhaps more?
I hope it's more.
No luck on me compiling for windows. Missing a bunch of stuff and it just breaks. That is why I am not a developer...