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Full Version: Goodbye...See you in game?
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With a heavy heart, I once again am resigning from the Presidential Bodyguards. The clan in its heyday was incredible, but I honestly thought AC would die before the clan did. I had hoped to retire here, but somehow I still find myself drawn to the game.

I wish everyone the best in their real life futures. I will still check on every so often.

B}Noobicus signing off. <3 <3
wait dont go
I love you

I'm surprised it's still alive tbh.
Sad to see you go, best of luck to ya
<3 you Noobicus. Good luck in your future endeavours
Lata B}ud, Im sure I'm going to see ya in game, due to being laid off in the next month and a half 3/22. I'm gonna do nothing , but game for at least a month, FUCK IT.

Smile Still a B}RUDDAH to me Wink
Sigh... Okay. So I tried going to a more active clan and gave up because I didn't fit in and I didn't like it. I like you guys a lot and obviously I can't stay away. I made a BIG mistake.

I TOTALLY promise to not leave and come back again. Can I come back? Puh-lease? PRETTY PLEASE?

* Noobicus is so embarrassed.
Haha where did you go? Didn't know there were active clans anymore

Not sure if you have to apply or something (might be a formality but eh up to others)
Noobicus has been the only B} I've seen in game since March XD
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