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Full Version: Nostalgia time
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Ah, good ol' Noobicus has a drink or two in him and is pining for the days of old. Here is a post I started last year and never finished. Enjoy and share your memories as well.


It is Friday evening and AC is pretty quiet, but I remember when AC was a hotbed of activity on Friday nights. Inters, clan matches pubs busy with CTF, a ton of TOSOK and a handful of gemas. IRC active with chatters, #ACinter busy spamming the channels with players wanting a match. Sigh.

Not so much now. Well not at all now. I see the slow death that AC is experiencing and it pains me. Mainly because and this may be sad to admit, but AC and the community really meant a lot to me in the three years I have been involved. Yes I am the one that raged... a lot, even quit twice or thrice, but I loved this game and especially some the people I met along the way. Many such people are gone from the game, not even in IRC and I do miss them. It was fun, a lot of fun and I want those who made it fun know that it was important to me and likely others.

As I ramble along with names of players and clans, bear in mind that I joined early in the 1.0.4 era of AC. So you will not hear mention of the Hi-Skill ladder or anything else of antiquity. Feel free to start your own thread to discuss that. Tongue

I remember how it started, I downloaded the game for my kids to play LAN matches. They were young and lost interest quickly. I started playing and was quickly smitten. I reveled in running through these maps with a trusty shotty in hand splattering away. I went through various names trying to find my identity in the game. None of the typical "killer" type names, more self-deprecating like LaimBot or Noobicus. XD

As I played more I studied the help guides trying to learn the best way to move, cook nades and at least survive the game better. I was frustrated when a good pub would disintegrate because a inter would steal players away. What the hell was an inter anyway? I guess I may have to look into getting into a clan at some point, but I am not that that serious about the game and I am not that good either.

Speaking of clans, man were there a bunch of active clans with good players. These come to mind, but this is not an complete list. DES|, TyD, {BoB}, #M|A#, XU, WooP, =SA=, FD, Scr3ew, TBR, FEL, HyPE, A&D, ED, [aCKa], |BME|,iOD, ~KAS~, 610|, B}, FOX, eQ., KAL|, TaS_ , and ~TgS~.
What a list! More clans than there are active players now, but these and a few I missed were are all active when I started AC. WOW.

So, back to my wont for a clan. I wanted a clan that had friendly players and were tolerant of noob-ish players. DES really caught my eye, but they seemed way too good and out of my league. A quick shout to DES|Opensource who was one of the first nice players that I met in the pubs. Super nice and tolerant of my noobishness. Thanks OS. Anyway, not much later during a late night session, I met the most positive person I have ever seen in a pub on AC. Supportive, encouraging, and darn good too. That player was B}Verse. After running in to him a few times I decided to research B}. Alas it was a two player clan, so I feared that it would not last long. (LOL, I know 4 years now. Go figure) Well, I came across B}Verse and B}Ronald_Reagan playing TOSOK one day and again positive and fun commentary. I was sold. I found my way onto IRC, chatted with RR and Verse a few times and decided to apply. A month later, maybe less, I dunno. I was accepted and was in my first clan. I wore my B} tag with honor as I discovered the joys of ladder whoring on the TyD ladder. I amassed large amounts of points and time on the ladder nearly taking first one month. Joy!

Wow, this is getting long already. Don't worry, I am not going to write about my whole history in AC, mostly just the first year. Not much later Zarj returned to B} and introduced me to the joy of clan matches whilst using skype. Man I was hooked. Unfortunately B} was not very active in matches so I was playing a lot of inters. My wife (yes I am an older dude) was away at graduate school every other weekend, so I would play into the wee hours with all the young punks of AC enjoying inters and pubs. There was a crowd that I seemed to play with most often and I want to say thanks for being there and being so fun. I really looked forward to those frag fests. =SA=Waffles, =SA=Mr.Optic, eQ|Maimeetur, eQ|Sgtd, all the HyPE guys, the occasional B} member, Haste, Nighthawkd, etc.

When titi joined B} I found a mate that could carry me through some clan matches and get us a few wins. A fantastic player and in the B} mold a great person. Thanks for those games mate.

After a year I left B} and tried a couple of different clans. What I found was more great people, all folks that I would like to share a beer with someday if my travels ever took me far enough. Since it will likely not happen and many I have already lost touch with, I make this list and raise a glass in honor to all of you that I call friends. (This is in no particular order and forgive me if I miss a name or two.)

FD*fundog - former leader of a great clan. Thanks for all that you taught in my short term in FD*
FD*Sheriff - You were a great player and always friendly in game. I was happy when I would find you in a pub and when we were eventual clanmates.
FD*EndGame - Class act, funny and you got game now. Cheers!
FD*elcrack - Don't know where you went but hope all is well with you.
eQ|maimeetur - Such a cool calm dude. Great presence when you were in AC. You are missed. GLHFBBQ gucci.
Pi_Halo - You have a good heart and have done a lot for the game. Thanks for having me in your clan.
Pi_Z3R0 - Great teammate, fun kid. Liked talking dubstep with you.
Pi_Blueberry - Came on to the scene and owned the pubs. Super nice guy. Where did you go?
B} All of you. Great group, cheers!
B}Charlymurphie - Inspired me to embrace the carbine. Honest and REAL dude. Loved chatting with you.
{BoB}gRamps - Great guy and huge contributor to AC.

As you know I returned to B} where I plan to ride out the rest of AC's existence. I felt the need to finish where I started and am proud to still wear the tag. Thank you all for reading. I hope this helps you recall your fondest memories with AC.
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i didnt want to go on a nostalgia trip
(01-11-2016, 06:13 PM)Cemer Wrote: [ -> ]i didnt want to go on a nostalgia trip

Woah, deja vu. Its like I saw that post somewhere before...