• In-Game Name: B}Ronald_Reagan
  • Status: Leader
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: Hi, I am the leader and founder of this clan. I maintain the site and everything relating to the site. In AC I mainly play with the carbine and subgun. My favorite modes are HTF, KTF, and SURV. I develop applications for (see PyssaultCube) along with being a developer for AC.


  • In-Game Name: B}Verse
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: Verse extends a clean hand for a friendly handshake. Ahoy there I’m Verse, I began playing AC in March of 2010. I’m a very personable person that knows a bit about everything except pop culture. I like to think of myself as a renaissance man of sorts, as I have an affinity for things of ancient ware. I began considering applying for a clan in December of 2010, but every clan seemed to either require too much skill, had weird/grotesque names, or was full of willful, obstinate, swearing teenagers. Then one day in January of 2011 I played a game of CTF Elevation with a fella named B}Zarj. I liked they way he played and communicated, I now know that there was a deeper connection than I knew at the time. He asked me to check out his clan. This was the first guy I really thought I would like to be in a clan with thus I explored the clan called “The Presidential Bodygaurds”. I wrote up my application, I was accepted, and the rest is history.
    I’m a flag runner by trade. Who needs to shoot when they can run and dodge. Playing with my clanmates has only enhanced this trait. Weapons, AR, and Shotgun. Shotgun is my favorite, as there is nothing like coming around a corner and splatting your enemy. But I use the AR more due to it’s greater versatility.
    A short note on why I liked B}. It had a great and noble name, not ninja assassinators or super snipers etc. It spoke of protecting not destroying. It was small: just 2 members when I applied, and I like small groups. And I really liked Zarj. RR was a veritable stranger although a really nice guy. The clan was small so it would be easy to get to know everyone, and it wasn’t super competitive. A perfect fit.


  • In-Game Name: B}Nightmare
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: I am Nightmare, a 3 year veteran of Assault Cube. My goal is to one day overthrow Reagan as leader of B}, then sell members to other clans for hefty prices, $1000 at least, per member. Then I’ll be rich!


  • In-Game Name: B}Droid
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: I have been playing AC for 2 years. I was invited to join |PWN| which was my first clan. It opened me up to a new world in AC. I didn’t last long in there and a few days later joined |Z!P|. I was a co leader. |Z!P| was a rapidly growing clan and got out of hand. A few of us decided to make ~TgS~ and they wanted me to be their leader. I lead ~TgS~ for 7 months and became a well known clan. ~TgS~ had activity problems and people leaving so I left. Now here I am at B}.


  • In-Game Name: B}Evanzo23
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: Alas, I have finally gotten to write my bio (mind you, I have been a clan member for about two months)… Now, I have to regail you of all of my wondrous life throughout AssaultCube, but maybe I should include the other stuff! Well, I will tell you the boring part first of how I started to play AssaultCube (sounds like every other autobiography you have read in AssaultCube before, right) in August of 2009 after some searches for open source shooters (I was hoping to try out some coding, but that never worked out for me). In my time, I have been in the clans of the Great Gibbing Alliance, otherwise known as |GGA|, Operation: Onslaught, also known as o2|, and if |ELITE| counts (a just for jokes clan by Fate and someone else). I consider my truly favorite weapon as the MTP-57 assault rifle or the shotgun. Outside of AssaultCube, I play TMNationsForever (Trackmania), RedEclipse, Need For Speed World, GRID (on occasion), Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Guard Shield (on occasion), and Armagetron Advanced on the PC. Outside of my desktop, I like to play Mario Kart, Lego Star Wars, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros Wii, and Midnight Club (I haven’t play that in ages though). Even amongst saying that I like to play all of those, I seldom play a lot of them, even less on those specifically stated. So, yep. I’m the youngest guy in this clan, and that probably will never change unless this clan lives for several years! I am probably the most insane person in the clan too, so if you see me, don’t expect me to be serious all the time! ;) Now stop reading my autobiography, and go out to do something more realistic!


  • In-Game Name: B}CharlyMurphie
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: My TRU name is Jonny and I reside in Florida and Ohio almost half time of the year. I was recruited into the Bodyguards in June of 2011. I love my carbine; I hunt, sleep, pee, and play with it often(lol). I love this game that we have all grown to love, and meeting various characters from around the globe. See ya’s all in game or on IRC.


  • In-Game Name: B}Razta
  • Status: Old Guard
  • Location: NZ
  • Bio: I’m Raz-ta,
    I may be a newbie to the clan but…
    I am the one who you will tell your children and grandchildren stories about.
    I am the one who will send you into a swirling vortex of anger and rage.
    I am the one who can turn the tides, at any given stage.
    I’m a pretty damn nice guy, unless you’re not.
    I hold all grudges for about 10 minutes, and whiskey fixes all my problems.
    I love to play the drums and occasionally the guitar! \m/
    I like mx, but I also like street bikes :P
    I am currently studying for a diploma in sdev. (programming etc)
    I’m bad at bios.
    B} is awesome, and we will continue to grow stronger and stronger, so watch out!


  • In-Game Name: B}titi
  • Status: Member
  • Location: Portugal
  • Bio: Howdy! I’m titi (short for Tiago), from Lisbon, Portugal. I was born in 1994 and I have been playing AC since June/July 2009, but only started participating in the community in January 2010. At that time i applied to what would turn out to be my first clan ever, SK. Since then i have used the iOD, OnLy3 and legacy tags (oh, right, and B} :P ). My favorite maps include shine, mines and ingress, and my favorite mope is CTF. I was a huge fan of SMG back in the 1.0 days, but now i’ve changed to the AR.
    I play in an Asus laptop with the mouse that came with it, so my accuracy isn’t and has never been my strong point. I put a lot of emphasis in tactis ingame, since it’s in strategy that matches are won.
    When i’m not around the computer, I’m either listening to music, swimming, or dreaming about doing both at the same time.


  • In-Game Name: B}Orynge
  • Status: Member
  • Location: Australia
  • Bio: Heya, I’m Orynge, and I started playing AssaultCube in October, 2009. I only started getting into the community in July 2010, though, when the AC forums came back from hiatus. That lead to me being invited to apply to Exile Unit by DrauL, a clan that I’ve spent most of my AC career in since I was accepted by Cactus, DrauL (now KH), and MaiMeeTur (now eQ). I became a leader of the clan when DrauL left the clan for the first time in December. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as one did in September 2011, after my holiday to New Zealand; Xu was closed by Cactus and I after a very inactive period. I was then convinced to apply to B} (that convincing was mainly ShadowZ saying “B}Orynge” over and over again, as well as Nightmare making an awesome shirt with the letters “B}Orynge” on it, with a picture of the Annoying Orange). I was accepted a month later, which is why you’re reading this bio here on the B} website.
    Onto something completely different. Ever since DrauL introduced me to IRC, I’ve spent a great deal of each day there. #xuclan was where I met a bunch of awesome guys, such as DrauL, Lightning, Anarchist (now Nukpwr), RonaldReagan, Huntsman, theandyman, and many more.
    Here are my favourite weapons to this point:

    • 1.0.2: SMG
    • 1.0.4- Shotgun
    • Assault Rifle/SMG

    For more personal info, my real name is Tim, and I’ve been in this world for over 14 and a half years. I come from one of the laggy Land Down Under’s (with New Zealand being the other one).
    So, in short, I’ve been playing since 1.0.2, and I lag. ;D


  • In-Game Name: B}X-Ray_Dog
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: I am an AC player who started playing AssaultCube back in October of 2010. I started out like any other AC player and was rather nubby and saw the game as something you played once and went on with your life. However I was hooked from day one seeing as this was my first real FPS that I had played online and I loved every aspect about the game itself so far. I decided to make X-Ray_Dog my player name within the first week of playing so you will never find me by another name. Eventually I got into the whole clan scene of the game which at first I had no clue what the point of a clan was for but after departing my first clan (KILL) and cruising about in game some, I discovered more of a meaning to clans from the variety that was out there. However I was later asked again to join the |FOX| clan which I later took over myself. From here I was also introduced to the official AC forums in which I am now a moderator of. As for current day, I am a very universal player meaning that I contribute to many aspects of AC. You can find me associating myself with some of the best AC players in IRC as well as coding the worst scripts for both IRC and AC, editing the AC wiki and maintaining clans in every way possible, helping users with server issues if not hacking my own, possibly making another map or helping someone with a map or overall being a good reliable friend.


  • In-Game Name: B}V-Man
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Hobbies: Mostly I enjoy scripting; fragging; Building teamwork on AC; password strength testing; rock collecting; gathering pertinent but still only intermittently useful information; cryptography; digital image editing; building / cannibalizing / fixing computers; learning programming languages (but mostly not succeeding); puzzles, problem-solving, and troubleshooting.
  • Favorite Music: Techno, Dubstep, Glitch, Trance, Dance, Baroque organ, Electronic Classical, Ace of Base
  • Favorite things to ingest: Steak, Dr Pepper, strawberries, eggs, ramen, milk, orange Gatorade, Dr Pepper, cheese pizza, quesadillas, Dr Pepper, Kalamata olives, chocolate donuts, Dr Pepper


  • In-Game Name: B}Aekom
  • Status: Member
  • Location: UK
  • Bio: Born and raised in London. Spent most of my childhood putting (shot put) for my high school’s athletic team, footy during lunch hours and evenings and getting involved in Motorsport during the weekends. It was mostly go-karting and open wheel racing for me, but I decided that I didn’t want to get into the professional game (it’s not a cheap sport :/). My true love after that became PC gaming, so I decided to join the glorious PC gaming master race. ;)
    Heard about AC when 1.03 was released. Tried it, got bored. Then I gave it another go when 1.04 was released on portableapps and I’ve been hooked ever since. Did the standard routine of joining a nub clan from the start, which inevitably dies around 2 weeks later. Then I met one of my old clan leaders (Ventex) back in April 2011 and he invited me to join eQ. I’m sure most of you already know the stories behind eQ so I’ll spare you most of the details here. It was great fun though. I remember the constant waves of inters/CMs between HyPE, B} and eQ between may-august last year. But sadly the spirit behind eQ began to whither away and the motivation we once had suddenly grinded to a halt.
    I left eQ and spent around 5 months in limbo before I decided that B} was the clan for me. I already knew most of the members before I applied, so I instantly felt at home after my acceptance. I don’t contribute much to the community, but I try to do as much as I possibly can. Given the nature of most gamers who play AC, I mostly help by donating my bandwidth and computer to stream tournament/league games for all to view. Thanks for reading. :D


  • In-Game Name: B}KillShock
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: Hey there, in game I only use Killshock and always will. Generally I play to have a good time but recently I have been trying to get into more of the competitive scene. I have been playing for 6 years now and also recently have just been getting better. Favorite weapon is, to be honest, the pistol but mostly use the AR. I love learning more about the game and any cool tricks. Really enjoy playing against people better then me so i can tell if I have improved! I’m looking to stay here for a long while. This is my 3rd clan. First was =MC= and I will always love that clan. Next, I was a co-leader of sCr3W for a while but inactivity left to me leaving. I’m happy neither has completely died out but are still struggling and hope they make a comeback.


  • In-Game Name: B}Ironzorg
  • Status: Member
  • Location: France
  • Bio: My name is Frank and I’m a 22 years old french student. I’ve been studying IT for a few years now, and I’m known for constantly having -too many- personal projects. As far as assaultcube is concerned, I’ve been playing since 0.92 was out, although my relationship with the game and the community had its ups and its downs (I’ve had several “breaks”).
    I’m connected on IRC 24/7, feel free to highlight me on #pbclan @ irc.gamesurge.net, I’ll answer in between two classes parties


  • Real name: Shaun
  • Status: Old Guard
  • Location: USA
  • Age: Born when ironzorg was -10 years old :/
  • Favorite movies: Dark City, LOTR trilogy, Amadeus, Constant Gardener,
  • From childhood: The Dark crystal, Goonies, Never-ending Story, Labrynth
  • Music: I have so many favorites but a current favorite is Lana Del Rey
  • Ethnicity Breakdown: Scottish, Thai, Irish, Chinese, Indian, Native American
  • Personality: Shy but not introverted, conservative in nature but politically liberal, onlooker, open-minded, friendly
  • Occupation: Case Manager at a managed healthcare corporation
  • Favorite quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” - Peter F drucker
  • Favorite Funny quote: “If only I had a little humility I’d be perfect” - Clint Eastwood -
  • Most ridiculous quote: “Hi there invisible man in the chair” - Clint Eastwood
  • Pet Peeve: egos
  • Hobbies: cooking, reading, guitar, gaming, writing, travel, GIMP XD


  • In-Game Name: B}RikPik
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: Hello, I’m Rik. 16 years old and living in the Netherlands. I’ve been playing this game called AssaultCube for quite some time now(4 or 5 years). The first clan I was in was called |NoH|, sadly they died. After that, I’ve been playing some time for |FmC| and |JRML|. That wasn’t a big succes either. After playing without a clan for some time, I heard about a new clan, called Xu|. I applied and had a great time. Xu| was awesome. Too bad, the clan closed.:(
    I then quit AC. I came back late 2012 because I missed the game and my mates. On January 3rd I applied for this B}eautiful clan.
    That’s all folks.


  • In-Game Name: B}Noobicus
  • Status: Member
  • Location: USA
  • Bio: November 2010, the beginning of the end for a hapless noob. Once a successful database administrator and respected family leader, Noobicus downloaded a seemingly innocuous game called Assault Cube. At first it did not hold his interest, but soon thereafter he was in its evil clutches. The joy of splattering and enemy coupled with the frustration of not scoring with a flag pulled Noobicus in deeper and deeper. Soon he would find himself raging at the computer whilst sitting in soiled clothes following hours and/or days long sessions of lagging and fragging.
    Noobicus joined and left many clans citing various excuses and always blaming inactivity, lag or cheaters for his departure. One day, with a snap of the fingers, Noobicus awoke from the nightmare. He looked around his empty home strewn with empty Mountain Dew cans, pizza boxes and half eaten Slim Jims and realized that he could not devote his whole life to a game. After finally putting his life back together, Noobicus returned to AC with a clear mind and healthy attitude. He rejoined his first clan B} and happily plays the game of AC in moderation.