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Season 1 of B} Leagues is Complete

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Editorial

Starting in early October and ending today, the first season of B} Leagues has come to a close. We split teams into two skill tiers known as Gold league and Silver league. {BoB} Jr. dominated Silver League going undefeated, and winning the championship by a close 3 flags over the mixed team =FG=. |w00p| marched through Gold League unbeaten as well, winning easily in the championship match against {BoB}. In conclusion, |w00p| showed that they won’t fade away into AC history just yet by showing how relevant and great they still are. {BoB} showed in both leagues that they have the heart of champions, and a very deep clan full of talented players. We thank everyone who signed up and competed.

Open Source Games: Survival of the Fittest

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Editorial

Open Source games are usually ran by volunteer developers in their free time, with a strict resource limit. This puts such games at a major disadvantage for gaining more players and creating a stable, solid community. Lots of forks and new projects show up, but if it doesn’t attract many players, it won’t attract many developers. Then it dies quickly. So when these games are among the most popular and/or most downloaded, they are in a very special group. Looking at sourceforge’s list of games, I only saw 4 hardcore video games that had over 5000 downloads per week. Not every game gets the majority of it’s downloads through sourceforge obviously, so here’s a quick shout out to Urban Terror, Xonotic, and Warsow; along with any other obviously popular ones I missed. Obviously a lot of developers are content with a small community, but for the sake of fun and ‘who’s doing better?’, here are those four above mentioned games.


Should Assault Cube become 100% Free?

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Editorial

This has always been in the back of my mind, especially the fictional project talked about later in this post. After seeing a dev recently reveal that simply having a helpful website showing off what the textures look like was not really legal due to some iffy licensing. So here is this post.

Becoming more standard in the open source community are games that are 100% free to use, share, edit, mod, etc. Usually under a GPLv3 license, the code, art, and sounds all contribute to the public domain to be continually used and improved throughout the years, and aid other projects and forks in becoming a reality. A lot of Assault Cube’s content, mainly in the graphics and sounds departments are under non-free and somewhat restrictive licenses. It seems most of this stuff has been made by people who only wanted it for AC and nothing else.


Why ac_unfrozen never reached version 1.0

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Editorial

This is mostly a test to make sure everything works smoothly here, so it’ll be nice and short. As most around here know, ac_unfrozen was a map created by myself that earned the award of Best Newcomer in the 6th Official AC Mapping Contest, despite being in it’s beta phase. While I was proud of it achieving it’s goal, I haven’t completed any fix-ups or remakes of this map. Here is why.