A Few Changes.

Following B}’s tradition to announce big news on April 1st (Noobicus’ departure), I am proud to announce some big changes coming to B} within the next few months.

The first change is with leadership. I have been discussing this over with the V’s (Man, Wifey, and Verse), as well as Nightmare. B} will become a democratic capitalistic dictatorship. Nightmare will be taking role of the dictator, and I will be taking role of the lapdog.

Verse will be the court jester.

The second change is that we will be merging with DES to create “Dedicated Elite Sheep, B}aaaaaaah”. Our new tag will be DES,B}. This merge will be known as codename “Super Sheep”.

Because of the increased tag length, I will be changing my name to “Itch!”.

The third change is the function of the clan. This new superclan will utilize the skills of both clans and will create a fork of Cube2 based off of AssaultCube’s style of play. We will name this new game “Sheep Cube” or “Sheeperbrauten”, due to possible trademark violations with AC.

This is our new logo. New Logo

In other news, I’ve started playing AC a little again! ScreenShot

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