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I made a thing [x-post from]
I was limited to 10 pics per post but there is a damn bug that counts the pics this way: amount of pics = (amount of pics * 2) + 1

Long story short: Some years ago, my NES died and I kept it, just in case. About 3 weeks ago I decided to build a decent computer into the case, it mostly became possible because of the skylakes with low wattage and integrated GPU since the the NES case has an inexistant airflow.

I answered a lot of questions and gave extra informations about it here: Imgur link and here: r/pcmasterrace/ so don't ask where the PSU is please.

And yes, it runs AssaultCube, probably 10 of them simultaneously.

Finished product:
[Image: E3D9rSr.jpg]
[Image: dnUM69y.jpg]

The parts
Here is the case I used

Quickly mounted everything the first day and installed W7pro

First case modifications

The plan

A big hole in the bottom of the case
Making the woodplank fit

The hole in the woodplank

Backplate hole is perfect

Some O-rings to avoid twisting the plastic case while screwing the wood plank

Adding a motherboard holder + custom SSD holder
Rearanging the wires for the LED, power and reset buttons

Cutting, adjusting and placing the fence

Screwing the cable port on the woodplank
Placing parts

When you open it

Hope you enjoyed. Wink
Hah, thats cool. Surprised just that bottom hole gives enough airflow given the fact that everything is above it.

* Ronald_Reagan tries to find the PSU like it is a wheres waldo game.

[Image: q7AMmEY.png]

Here is the picture of the PSU, half external it's exactly what I needed for this build, and this is the most powerfull PSU of this kind.
Very cool. All my nerdy co-workers gave a thumbs-up as well.
Thanks :D
Haha, I was wondering if it had a box on the outside!

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