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test post please ignore
i lied

what is your in game name?

cemer. on irc its prol, and its a different phrase in all lower case about a boy who just wants to do something on teamspeak. i alias frequently though as my names in game and on steam change constantly

how would you describe us?

this seems like where people come to rest before they leave for the outside world, yet end up never leaving anyway

who do you know here?

ive met all of you at one point in time. i think a better question in my case would be "who do you regularly idle with in our channel?", and i'd answer shad, night, ory, phantom, rr, and when noobi shows up ill catch up with him. id like to say i talk with the majority of you guys when im online though.

who do you want to know?

well, ive met all of you. id like to know you better. for a name, how about ironzorg. i never really talked to him back then

who is your favourite member?


what is your playing style like?

uh, erratic, inconsistent, unpredictable and based on how i feel that day. sometimes i do well tho

screenshots of you playing?

what clans have you been in?

[DSotM] - when i started out, left because i made new friends
{kZ} - clan died before i could finish my app
-dyH| - i joined because whop wanted me to, and i left because we stopped playing the game
Pi_ - i joined because of zero blue and noobicus. i left because i changed as a person and i wasnt the same person i was when i joined. or at least thats what ill say officially
-dyH| - i rejoined the clan with jfritz (also from pi) just to hang out, and i left because we all stopped hanging out

why do you want to be in the clan?

id like to retry being attached to a name before i die out of this game. some call it home, but id rather call it limbo. a more pleasant one

why do we want you in the clan?

to be frank, im not sure why some of you have asked me to be honest

if i were to market myself, id say its because i always am eager to listen and understand what people say and try and give my own opinion. id also say because im quite level-headed, and i apparently can be entertaining. also i post alot on the ac forums either responsibly or for lack of a better thing to do here.

i never promised id market myself well

who are you?

im a lost boy just looking for a place to be and just believing in what life has to offer

favourite three songs?

songs i really like right now as of this very moment though are:

i like alot of stuff though so if you want more feel free to ask, or link me something yourself. i am open eared

what is your favourite picture?

i mean my steam avatar has been the same for the last 4 years. its a pic of my best friend dying in realm of the mad god

as for an actual piece? guernica - picasso easily. ive been in love with this painting for years and i hope to one day see it with my own eyes

[Image: PicassoGuernica.jpg]

what would you do with an $100 best buy card

id walk up to the first employee i see and ask them what they would do with $100, and then buy what they said

who are you again?

im just another person here with nothing to prove but alot to say. i dont really know myself at all so im on a journey trying to find that exact answer. ive been here far too long with a bunch of talk and no action, so im looking for a reason to change that.


i guess thats it; if you guys want anything else out of me feel free to take stabs

past applications: 2nd one

id say ive changed alot from those days

glhf ya bastard
[Image: lyfzza5zoco30wd5ogbr.png]
[Image: AK7ba.png]

GL justaboywhowantstobeliev
(08-07-2015, 02:26 PM)Shadz Wrote: ignored
[Image: 307198.png]
yay <3
prime example of why fruit shouldn't be brought to life
(08-07-2015, 11:43 AM)Cemer Wrote: who is your favourite member?


We all know who you meant by that.

Good luck!
[Image: jmgRMSB.png]
Good luck Smile

(08-07-2015, 11:43 AM)Cemer Wrote:

I know this song was familiar:
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